Science is a fast-paced, interactive subject that has a bearing on all aspects of our lives.  Consequently, the Science Department aims to make teaching relevant to the kind of everyday situations children encounter.

Our teachers are passionate about Science in all its forms and we aim to teach enthusiastically with a hands-on approach. From Lower I, students are encouraged to undertake their own experiments in our fully equipped laboratory with experienced, specialist teachers, supported by our dedicated Science teaching assistant. The department’s teaching is not limited to the laboratories or classrooms, all year groups make use of our grounds and various school habitats.
The teaching philosophy at The Abbey is that Science captures our students’ attention, excitement and desire to learn. Through this style of teaching, we are able to bring the science curriculum to life.

Through the teaching of Science, our students should be given the opportunity to:

  • Develop curiosity, knowledge and understanding of Science in a creative and interactive way.
  • Become an inquisitive learner that enjoys asking ‘Why?’.
  • Foster a love of Science that they can take with them beyond school life
  • Become an independent thinker.
  • Nurture a sense of wonder about the world around them.

Science enrichment is vital to delivering an engaging curriculum that provides opportunities for all learners. Our club’s programme, trips, inter-house quizzes and workshops are all tailored to give all students the opportunity to develop a love of Science.