Welcome to The Abbey Junior School

The Abbey is a remarkable community of learning. It is a place of curiosity, adventurous spirits, and the excitement of discovery.

We foster an atmosphere of warmth and support, full of fun and laughter; one that builds the confidence to take risks, explore interests and passions, and engage confidently with the world and with each other.

The Abbey Junior School is all about liveliness of mind and playful engagement across the widest range of subjects and activities. The sheer delight in learning and enthusiasm is infectious. It is nurtured by staff whose passion is to find, encourage and develop the talents and interests of students; to help students surprise themselves with what they can achieve and discover. In other words: to become their unique best selves.

Nisha Kaura, Head of The Junior School

Approach to Learning Learner Profile

Highlights ten attitudes that we encourage in all those involved in learning – from Nursery to Sixth Form. We hope that our students will carry these attitudes forward into higher education and into a future of lifelong learning.

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Our classrooms are places where…

  • It is safe to be a learner
  • Challenge is normal and interesting
  • We assess to improve (not to prove, or to attain)
  • We talk and think together
  • We take more responsibility for designing our learning
  • We draft, critique and revise through projects
  • We can talk about ourselves as learners
  • Questions and independent research abound

Our teachers...

  • Value thinking above knowing
  • Listen, diagnose and nudge
  • Are learners too