The Abbey Scholars’ Award

The Abbey Scholars’ Award exemplifies all that is good about learning at the school and is a key part of the Abbey IP (Ideas + Passion) Programme.

All students in the Sixth Form are invited to complete an independent project over the summer holiday. This might support a qualification such as the EPQ or IB Diploma Programme, or it might be for the sheer joy and love of learning. Projects might be essays, pieces of art, film, lab projects: whatever supports each individual’s passion. Students are encouraged to log all the support they received and then to roam far off the beaten track, under their own steam, following their own adventure in scholarship.

All those who submit projects present their work to staff and peers in the Autumn term. Every entrant is considered for a Scholars’ Award: a substantial research grant supporting independent work during higher education, this takes into account their academic record, engagement with academic pursuits along with their summer project.

Every class, every day features the Abbey IP: the Ideas and Passion that make this the most exhilarating and joyous learning environment there is.