The extra-curricular timetable is very much a part of the learning experience at The Abbey, and it creates a special energy and buzz around our School.

We may refer to it as ‘extra’ but in fact, we see participation as an essential part of the journey here, and an important way of building skills for life. The Abbey has always been known for providing access to a broad variety of opportunities for enrichment, and the name given to the programme represents our ‘edge’ – the added value of an Abbey education. We believe that by having the chance to try lots of new things and explore their talents, girls can also learn about themselves and others, building important connections and unlocking potential.

Because we’re a student-led community, students play an active part is setting the extra-curricular agenda and get involved with great creativity and enthusiasm. From Taekwondo or mini Bridge Club, to Hiking or Chess Club, there is something to interest and inspire everyone.