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Gateway – News from around The Abbey

The latest insights from Abbey staff including Will le Fleming and Nisha Kaura

  • Gateway Highlights
    by Together Abbey on 19 April 2024
  • Teaching and Learning
    by Together Abbey on 19 April 2024

    One of the things that makes The Abbey a wonderful place to work is the passionate focus and interest on teaching and learning among colleagues. That phrase, ‘teaching and learning’, is the […]

  • Lower VI Economics Trip
    by Together Abbey on 19 April 2024

    The Lower VI Economics Trip to The Netherlands took place from 23-25 March and it was a great success. From exploring the bustling streets of Amsterdam and enjoying an evening canal cruise, to […]

  • Interludes Recital
    by Together Abbey on 19 April 2024

    The Interludes Recital Series resumed on Wednesday when three performers shared their talents with a small and appreciative audience. Haylen began the recital on the cello with the beautiful […]

  • Woodley Festival
    by Together Abbey on 19 April 2024

    On 16 March, I had the opportunity to perform a piano piece in the Woodley Festival. I played in a sonatina section and, as the only requirement was to play a sonatina, there were a variety of age […]

  • Half Marathon
    by Together Abbey on 19 April 2024

    Last Sunday Mr Hawkins completed the Reading Half Marathon (1:44:50) and has, thanks in no small part of the incredible generosity of teaching colleagues here at The Abbey, raised over £500 for […]


Who is Susan Sutherland Isaacs?

A pioneer in psychology, Susan was an educational psychologist and psychoanalyst who dedicated her life to understanding the development of children. Her groundbreaking studies emphasised the importance of independence in learning.

She published studies on the intellectual and social development of children and promoted the nursery school movement. For Isaacs, the best way for children to learn was by developing their independence.

Her outstanding intellectual gifts were recognised when she was accepted onto a philosophy course at university - graduating with first-class honours.

She also published her first book in 1921!

Welcome back! It's only the first week, and we're already bursting with exciting news! From the musical talents of our junior and senior school superstars, to the promising future of a golf prodigy - there is plenty to catch up on in this week's edition of #AbbeyGateway.  Have a read via the link in our bio!
Are you ready to hit the golden buzzer for Britain's Got Talent semi-finalist Felix Clements?
Felix will be bringing his cool, body-popping, street dancing, workshop to Abbey Gardens for another adventure and if you're a girl aged 4 to 6 - you're invited!

The event will take place from 4pm to 5.15pm at our Abbey Gardens site so put on your dancing shoes and we look forward to welcoming you soon!

Book your place on our website https://theabbey.co.uk/events/

A brilliant piece written by our #UpperIII student, Christina on ‘Is space exploration kind to our planet?’. What do you think?

Out of this world news! NASA has committed to sending the first woman to the moon by 2024, and that astronaut will be Christina Koch on the ARTEMIS space mission!

With over a decade of experience as an astronaut, Christina Koch has already achieved remarkable milestones, including setting the record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman, totalling 328 days in space, where she orbited the Earth 5,248 times!

Joining her on this historic journey to the moon will be Reid Wiseman, Jeremy Hansen, and Victor Glover, who will make history as the first person of colour to embark on such a mission.

Come and #JoinTheHerd at @littleknelliesnursery in Reading. We have a range of opportunities available from ‘Just starting out in the business’ to ‘EYFS gurus’. We’re committed to helping you reach your full potential, from ongoing training to career advancements - we’ll support you every step of the way.

Register for your place now via the link in our bio!

Come and #JoinTheHerd at Little Knellies Nursery in Reading. A vibrant all-girls nursery attached to The Abbey Junior School. Say goodbye to mundane routines and hello to new ideas and specialist lessons - woodwork anyone?
We have a range of opportunities available from ‘Just starting out in the business’ to ‘EYFS gurus’. We’re committed to helping you reach your full potential, from ongoing training to career advancements - we’ll support you every step of the way!

During the recruitment afternoon, you will be taken on a tour around Knell House - our Early Years building and get the chance to meet our amazing team. You will then join in with some fun workshops with the children - will you be heading on an adventure to Paris, or perhaps finding out exactly ‘how many frogs are sitting on the speckled log?’

To reserve your space, click on the link in our bio. Get ready to shape the future - one smile at a time!
If you want even more reasons to visit Little Knellies Stay & Play, we now have ducklings! Very cute ducklings! Book your place via the link in bio.

A few of them have hatched and you can see them up close and personal at our next Stay & Play session, taking place this Friday!

Come and visit the nursery, enjoy some quality time together and who knows - you might see the next duckling hatch! 

Welcome back, students! We've missed your energy and enthusiasm around the school. 

Get ready for exciting events and unforgettable memories. Let's make this term one to remember! 

Want to read a book about economics but don’t know where to start? Here’s our recommendation for you, ‘Nudge’ by Richard H. Tayler & Cass R. Sunstein. 

Can you flamenco as well as our juniors? 

Today our brilliant #LowerPrep and #UpperPrep ‘Flamenco-ed’ their way to the top!

#AbbeyDance #AbbeyJuniors #CreativeIndustries
Exciting news - some of the ducklings have hatched! Welcome to @littleknelliesnursery newest additions - Huey and Dewey!

We still have a few more ducklings to hatch but these two wanted to be the first to say hello! But shhh.. we need to be very quiet around them for a few days so they can get used to their new environment.

We are looking forward to seeing their first waddles very soon!

#AbbeyNursery #Ducklings
The wait has been excruciating but the time is nearly here for Little Knellies - their new friends are moving in tomorrow!

They are going to have a quacking time and we can't wait to share some duck-umentaries with you!

#AbbeyNursery #Ducklings

Teaching and Learning

One of the things that makes The Abbey a wonderful place to work is the passionate focus and interest on teaching and learning among colleagues.

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Wrapped up in books

The theme of this year’s World Book Day was ‘Read Your Way’, championing the enjoyment of becoming immersed in a good book, without expectation or pressure.

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Continuity and Change

There’s a lot spoken and written about change nowadays. As if it were A New Thing, which of course it isn’t, it’s been around for ever. People change, families change, jobs change; some changes are…

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Senior School leadership from September 2024

This week has seen the announcement of future changes at The Abbey. One element of these changes is the re-introduction of the role of Head of Senior School for 2024-2025, working alongside the…

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The Lifelong Abbey Community

I was educated at an all-girls’ school until the age of 16. In this girls-first environment, I was able to explore my varied interests and build real-world skills for life.

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