Nursery and Junior School Entry

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) is the body responsible for the inspection of schools in membership of the Associations that make up the Independent Schools Council.

ISI is approved for the purpose of inspection under Section 109 of the Education and Skills Act 2008 and reports to the Department for Education on the extent to which schools meet statutory requirements.

ISI inspection is for the benefit of pupils and seeks to improve the quality and effectiveness of their education and of the care for their welfare.

Regulatory Compliance Inspection (RCI) report

Regulatory Compliance Inspection (RCI) reports provide a summary only of whether a school meets or does not meet the minimum standards required by the relevant regulations (Independent School Standards Regulations, National Minimum Standards and Early Years Foundation Stage statutory requirements as applicable).

RCI report (November 2018)

Educational Quality Inspection (EQI) report

Educational Quality Inspection (EQI) reports offer detailed assessments of a school. The report includes an introductory section on the characteristics of the school, such as its aims and ethos.

Reports focus on the two main outcomes for pupils: achievement and personal development. Reports include factors which contribute to these outcomes such as the curriculum, teaching, pastoral care, and governance, leadership and management. These reports also include findings on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

EQI report (October 2014)


Periodically, leading educational publications visit the school and publish a review to their readers. Below are the links to the two most reason visits.

Good Schools Guide: 2021

The Good Schools Guide is the UK’s number one school guide, helping parents in every aspect of choosing the best education for their children.

Trusted by parents for 35 years, the guides are impartial and candid. Read their thoughts on the Junior and Senior Schools.

Muddy Stilettos 2021

Muddy Stilettos magazine visited The Abbey and reviewed the experience to its readers in its typically candid and punchy style.