Results and destinations

Outcomes matter, and the outcome that matters most is personal development. Wherever students go on to learn next, are they going with hope and optimism, ready to make the absolute most of everything that is on offer?

That’s what motivates us. High achievement on its own is not enough, and if it comes with anxiety, uncertainty and dread, then it is an active hindrance. We are here to support our students, find the right path for them and to walk it with joy in their hearts.

Junior School

We are always thinking about how to support our students with the right next step for them. We share their scores with parents from Year 4, to help make informed decisions. Throughout Year 5 and into Year 6 we meet every family to talk through the best choice for their daughter.

The majority of students choose The Abbey Senior School, and their success rate in open competition for academic, art, drama, music and sport scholarships is staggering. Others opt for boarding or the most competitive grammar school places. Our job is to help each family make the best decision for each child.

We do not believe that systematic tutoring brings children benefits and we believe that they would be outweighed in any case by the impact on their childhood and their sense of freedom. The best path through education is to work hard but in proportion and for each child to end up in the environment in which they can thrive.

Senior School

Students routinely take places in the most competitive UK and world universities. However, their interests are broad. Some students every year access the highest-level degree apprenticeships. Others go on to art foundation, drama school and other creative pathways.

We’re proud of our track record, but what we care about, and what brings every teacher so much reward, is each individual outcome. Whatever you want to do next, we are here to back you every step of the way.

The true test of outcomes are alumnae events. Each one is full of deeply impressive, genuine, warm and passionate adults working in hugely diverse fields. And each alumna has access to a lifelong network of support. An Abbey education supports outcomes far beyond tertiary choices.

A Level and IB results