Catherine Cheeseman, Director of Lower School/Head of Year (Upper III)

The first three years of secondary school are some of the best on offer! There’s no pressure of public examination and students are free to explore their interests, working out who they are and who they want to be.

Our curriculum in Lower School is sector-leading, developing all the skills, independence and initiative students will need in their futures. Highlights include:

  • A language carousel in Year 7, with students exploring French, Spanish, German, Mandarin and a project tying all four together.
  • Choices of what to study in Year 8, including the option of accelerated study for our most committed linguists and classicists.
  • Cognitive psychology for every student in Year 9, studying how to think and learn and understanding the human mind and each student’s own capabilities
  • A festival of learning, with students off timetable and following their own interests
  • An enrichment diploma, where every student tracks all the things they’ve been doing beyond their lessons, leading to an exhibition showcasing all they’ve learned
  • There are so many clubs for Lower School students too, as well as opportunities to get involved in whole-school trips and activities through the house system and make connections with older students.