Nathalie Williams, Director of Upper School/Head of Year (Upper III)

A new uniform and a new start! At The Abbey Upper School is known as the ‘black jumper’ years, with extra privileges and responsibilities alongside the new dress code.

This is when students start really to own their learning. All students study six core GCSEs: two English qualifications, Maths and three sciences. Alongside that they choose four subjects of their own from our extensive list.

In all areas of life they also learn to become leaders. They mentor younger students and help to organise activities. They take more of a leading role in clubs. They will often take leading positions in orchestras, drama groups, teams and workshops. There are more career opportunities, from seminars to working lunches.

Alongside this they have a new area of the school that becomes their own and Upper V (Year 11) have a full programme of engagement with Sixth Form. And hot chocolate in their social area!