Food matters! School lunch is the heart of the day and should always be a highlight. Students also have access to a wide range of healthy snacks to keep them going.

At The Abbey we take food seriously. We spend a lot of time on our lunch offer to make sure it meets every students needs. We cater for halal and other dietary requirements and provide individual food choices as necessary to students with severe allergies and needs.

Junior School

Snacks are served every morning break and received with much enthusiasm! There are four choices at lunch every day and a range of treats and healthy puddings.

Senior School

The day starts with breakfast, served in the main dining room and the Sixth Form cafe at very reasonable prices. Tuck shop opens every morning break. At lunch food is served in the Lower School and Upper School Dining Rooms and Sixth Form centre. There are four options every day and a wonderful salad bar.

In the Sixth Form there is a kitchen for students to use and most importantly there is Nora’s Cafe. Nora keeps the Sixth Form and staff communities going! Hot drinks, delicious food and sheer sunshine is on offer every single day of the Week.

Bake sales

There is no better way to come together as a community and often to raise some money for good causes than around food! We run bake sales throughout the year and food is the centre of wonderful celebrations like Diversity Day, with students trying cuisine from all around the world.

Student snacks and birthday treats

Students may bring in snacks and birthday treats, in consultation with form teachers and tutors. Families should check carefully that no nuts are included in any snacks brought to school.

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