Welcome to The Abbey Sixth Form

Sixth Form will arguably be the best experience of your school career.

At The Abbey you will be part of a bustling, energetic and purposeful environment. Students in the Abbey Sixth Form are ambitious and motivated; it is a place where bright young minds work together to achieve academic excellence every day. This drive and commitment are met by the equally important qualities of kindness and care; the common room is a joyful place, welcoming and accepting in equal measure.

In the Sixth Form you will study either the IB or A Level pathway. Each has its own appeal. The only right pathway is the right pathway for you. Our students are confident in making independent choices, as they develop their wider skills, celebrate their academic successes and take the lead in their own lives, whether that be going onto university, degree level apprenticeships or elsewhere.

We are excited that our new Sixth Form Centre allows students the opportunity to study in a bright, modern and stylish environment. With space to relax, a cafe, and purpose-built classrooms and study areas, students will take the lead in their own learning. We encourage our pupils to take ownership of their academic enrichment activities, which are self-selected to broaden and extend their studies beyond the core syllabus.

The choice of extra-curricular activities is vast. From Gold Duke of Edinburgh, to Young Enterprise, to Model United Nations, and all sorts in between, there are plenty of possibilities. As School Officers, the Sixth Formers spearhead events, taking responsibility for an area of school life. Our Sixth Form students are role models, devising programmes which will shape the school experience of younger students. These adventures will enhance the leadership skills which prepare them so well for life beyond Sixth Form.

There is a real sense that our Sixth Formers are comfortable in their own skins; it is visible in the way they relax in the common room, without any hint of affectation, artifice or pretence. We value friendship highly and understand that being happy is the foundation of success. We are proud of our diverse student body and are interested in hearing every student’s voice. We understand that with a feeling of good mental well-being comes personal fulfilment and possibility, making the Sixth Form an exciting and driven environment.

I encourage you to come to The Abbey and let us show you around. I hope that you get the same feeling that I did on my very first visit. There is a particular buzz and warmth, an atmosphere and energy, which you can only experience in person. I would be delighted to welcome you, so that you can experience the joys of our marvellous Sixth Form for yourself.

Mrs Charlotte Hart
Director of the Sixth Form

“Achievement becomes a natural process of growth and curiosity. Seeing it happen is magical.”