The Abbey School provides an outstanding real-world education for girls that equips them to live with confidence, purpose and joy.

Working in partnership with families, we support each individual student to expand their horizons, discover their passions and fulfill their potential. We offer academic excellence, extra-curricular opportunity and pastoral assurance within an environment prioritising kindness and fellowship.

Our objective over 130 years of leadership, innovation and reform has been to provide a liberal, practical and general education. That remains true today:

  • Liberal in thought, tolerance, and generosity.
  • Practical in preparing students to face a changing world on their own terms, excited by opportunity, resolute towards uncertainty and committed to leadership and service.
  • General in the remarkable breadth and range of experience and encouragement to participate.


Our values are courage, honesty and kindness. We champion them every day; we are informed and tested by the positive tension that exists between them, and we seek to examine all our actions and choices in their light.