At The Abbey, our mantra is simple: every student celebrated. We want every student to thrive and be recognised for the individuals they are.

Tutors and form teachers

Support starts with the form teacher at the Junior School and the form tutor at the Senior School. They see their students every day in small groups of around 15 students and are there to help them navigate everyday successes and challenges. They are the first point of call for parents.

Nurses, counsellors and wider team

Beyond the form teacher or tutor there is an amazing team standing behind every single student. At the Junior School we run a Listening Ear service, with trained staff offering support and guidance, as well as first aid and medical support when needed.

At the Senior School the nurses’ office and Wellbeing Centre, including quiet space and dedicated counselling rooms, offer an oasis. Nurses offer wellbeing coaching as well as medical support and our counsellor is on hand to provide a course of sessions when extra help is required.

Throughout the school, there are heads of year, directors, assistant and deputy heads with specific responsibilities for student wellbeing and progress. We also have pastoral prefects and student mentors. And as every student knows: the team extends to every adult in the school. We’re all here to help every young person succeed.

PSHE and Skills for Life

Every week students receive dedicated teaching to support their personal, social, health and economic development. These sessions also cover Relationships and Sex Education. All sessions are carefully designed to suit each age range and provide the right help at each stage of maturity. Students are informed and empowered about the challenges all young people face and equipped to handle them with calmness and assurance.

Visiting speakers and subject experts complement the programme throughout the year.

Academic help

We know every student progresses at different rates and there are times when we all need an extra boost. We also know that learning needs to be adapted to different learning needs and styles.

At the Junior School the Support of Learning team, guided by the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCo), is there to help every student who needs some initial guidance. This might range from extra sessions where a deeper understanding is needed to the first stages of supporting specific learning needs.

At the Senior School there is also a dedicated SENDCo looking after individual student needs and those who require help with English as an Additional Language. In Year 7 extra help is available within the timetable in English and Maths for those who need it. At all stages individual support and guidance is on offer, including help with access arrangements for exams when required.

We also have a extensive programme of 1:1 support on offer. Teachers at all levels routinely make appointments to see students to go through tasks. Departments offer weekly drop-in sessions. Student mentors provide friendly help and advice for younger peers.

As pupils progress through the school, they are extremely supportive of one another.

ISI report