The Abbey is a selective independent school. We offer an individual learning experience for all our students, recognising that not everyone learns in the same way. We also acknowledge that specific learning needs should not be a barrier to students accessing the very best curriculum and teaching as well as the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

The Support of Learning Team brings a wealth of teaching experience in supporting students with specific learning needs in the classroom. Our chief aim is to deliver an integrated approach to learning, whereby support is given within the whole class, enabling all students to participate fully in the school’s curriculum.

At times, it may be appropriate for staff to work one to one with individuals whose needs require targeted intervention. However, most commonly the Support of Learning team will work collaboratively with the wider teaching community working with that child to integrate strategies as part of their tailored learning plan.

Here at The Abbey we are committed to an inclusive and accessible learning experience. We are equipped to meet the needs of a diverse student community, supporting students acquiring English as an additional language (EAL), neurodiversity, as well as physical impairments, such as visual or hearing. Access to our Support of Learning service is included as part of our fees. At times, and in consultation with families, it may be necessary to use external services in order to understand and to best meet the needs of a student. These may incur additional costs.