The Abbey was one of the first schools in the country to teach Computing to girls and we are proud to place a strong focus on the subject today.

The subject has changed immeasurably in the intervening decades and will continue to do so, the key question is: How do we prepare our students for such a rapidly changing environment?

The answer lies in sparking a passion for Computing, encouraging our students to embrace the wonderful and exciting opportunities that this shifting landscape will bring them.

For our younger students, this starts with developing an understanding of the key concepts in Computing. Through dedicated weekly Computing lessons, taught by specialist teachers in our Junior School Computing Suite, the girls have an opportunity to explore the foundations of the subject through an inquiry-based curriculum.

As the students progress to Lower One and beyond, they develop their understanding of programming using a variety of coding languages including Scratch and HTML 5, as well as engaging in projects spanning across other subject areas such as photo editing, music composition and animation. At this stage, Computing also moves beyond the boundaries of the Computing Suite with lessons taking place in the Fab Lab where students apply their skills to projects involving robotics and practical problem-solving.