Staff Focus – Mrs Orr

I have taught at the Junior School for 13 years now, starting just after my three daughters joined in 2007, in Years 3 & 5. They loved their time at The Abbey, just as I still do.

 Having built up the PE department, as Head of Junior PE, I have, this year, stepped down, swapping roles with Miss Steele, allowing me to work three days a week and create more balance in my life. It’s also giving me more teaching time, rather than admin, which I am relishing, putting maximum energy into delivering lessons and clubs, nurturing that sporting potential in all the students.

 I am passionate about physical activity, still participating myself in rowing and running, cycling to school each day and sharing that love and enthusiasm for exercise with the students. I have tried to create as many opportunities as possible so that everyone samples a sporting atmosphere, hopefully leaving with a thirst for trying new activities and on a quest for finding something they love that gives them a release from school work, a chance to socialise with friends, to be aesthetically creative, and to strive to excel in whatever they do. It’s different for everyone and we are here to inspire and steer the students on their initial journey. 

On a personal level, I am fiercely competitive in everything that I do, yet at school, my real highlights are the mass participation events such as sports day and our annual Fun Run, where the emphasis has moved more each year to being involved in the ‘fun’ as we’ve added fancy dress, bubbles, hay bales to hurdle, staff relays and everyone is there to support each other and their House. 

I love being part of a team and my Abbey colleagues make up one of the hardest working teams, motivating and driven, that I have ever been a part of.