‘Revive’ – 2020 Young Enterprise Company Introductions

We are Revive, a jewellery company that is trying to raise awareness about the damage we are inflicting on our planet. 

Our interest peaked when we came across the New York climate change countdown clock. It currently stands at 7 years and 98 days. A critical window for action. 

Through our minimalistic and modern designs we want to prevent plastic from ending up in our oceans and landfills. We came up with this idea to re-use and give plastic bottles a second life by attaching them to hoop earrings. When researching the effects of climate change on our planet we discovered four main problems. 

We will use plastic in 4 different colours, red, green, blue, and white to represent the 4 different elements in which our ethos is based on: deforestation represented by our green earrings, water pollution represented by our blue earrings, forest fires illustrated by our red earrings and finally, air pollution shown by our clear earrings. 

We plan to educate our consumers on these issues through our various social media sites, @ye.revive (Instagram). 

As well as this, we plan to add an inspirational quote into our eco friendly packaging. Your actions make a difference.