Staff Focus – Mr Amos

In April, Mr Amos published a book called ‘God for Now: Theology through Evangelical and Charismatic Experience’. Below are his own thoughts on the process. 

‘Earlier in the year, I submitted a book for publication. It was a difficult thing to do, on a par with pressing ‘send’ on an email to everyone you know and lots of people you don’t. Not that many people will read it, but the point is, they could if they wanted to. 

I enjoy writing even though I never really learned how to when I was at school. It’s a wonderful way to wind down, on a par with reading, eating, and sleeping! 

The book is about Theology – the study of God – something I have the pleasure of teaching at the Abbey alongside Philosophy (theology’s twin sister). Writing a book about God is an odd thing to do, not least because the subject matter refuses all attempts to be pinned down. Nevertheless, I think it’s worth a go.

 The approach I take in the book is to critically reflect on my experiences, both as a student of Theology and as a person of faith. The result is a cobbled together mix of academic theology, personal spirituality, and critical questioning. It won’t be for everyone, but it could be for some!’ 

Mr Amos – Head of Philosophy and Theology