Why do students learn Spanish: 

  1. They become communicators to more than 500 million speakers across the world.

  2. They benefit from speaking the second most widely spoken language in four continents. 

  3. They become immersed in the rich Hispanic culture available across 20 Spanish-speaking countries.

  4. They become aware of interesting facts like the fact that The UK is the fifth largest investor in Mexico, and that Spain has the second highest number of  UNESCO World Heritage sites and is the third most popular destination in the world.

  5. They become attractive to universities. Spanish is offered at degree level by 70 universities across the whole of the UK. 

Alongside all these reasons, the students at the Abbey choose Spanish because they love it. This love comes from a very dedicated team of teachers (among them some native speakers) whose passion is to teach Spanish. Students sing songs, play games, take part in competitions and get immersed in the Hispanic culture. In the Spanish lessons, there are always fun activities that vary from writing a literary Calaverita for the Day of the Dead to doing a virtual trip to Costa Rica. The department is at the front of the latest technology and our department takes the lead in online learning. Literature becomes a very interesting part of the curriculum which raises motivation and equips the students with the skills to succeed in their path to top universities.

Among the books studied are La Casa de Bernarda Alba by Lorca, Manolito Gafotas by Elvira Lindo, and many others. Students also get the chance to watch many interesting films such as Zipi y Zape, Volver, Las 13 Rosas. Students become avid readers of Spanish Literature as well as of Hispanic papers and magazines. This consolidates their foundation to become not only curious learners but also critical thinkers. They become well prepared for the amazing future that awaits them. 

Beyond the classroom

We understand that one of the best ways to learn a language is through speaking practice. This means the girls are able to go on a variety of study trips and family stays to Spain. The most recent visits have included:

  • Málaga
  • Granada
  • Córdoba

Welcome from Head of Department – Beatriz Trujillo

Spanish at The Abbey as seen through the eyes of our students: