Physics is the study of the world around us; the world inside us; and the world beyond us. It is the most fundamental science. Physics challenges the imaginations with concepts involving the study of the largest galaxies to the smallest subatomic particles and so much more.

Physics is regarded as a ‘facilitating’ subject by universities and employers, as it requires students to be creative, solve problems, develop high levels of numeracy, work individually and in teams, and apply it to the world around them.

The Physics department at the Abbey is friendly, dynamic and forward looking and consists of four specialist teachers, with extensive and wide-ranging experience. All lessons are taught by subject specialists in one of our four Physics laboratories.

Physics is taught as a distinct subject from Upper III (Year 7). Students are encouraged to develop enquiring minds and to think for themselves by teaching the subject via a hands-on approach. 

Any student who studies Physics at GCSE and beyond will find themselves in demand in the future, as well as having a great advantage in their understanding of their own world and the wider universe.

Beyond the classroom

Enhancement and extension activities are provided for all girls of all ages – these include Engineering and STEM days, visits to CERN in Geneva, CREST awards, Physics Masterclasses at Oxford, and the highly competitive Physics Olympiad competition.

Welcome from Head of Department – Stephanie Harris

Physics at The Abbey as seen through the eyes of our students: