At The Abbey, the strong belief is that Physical Education and Sport plays a vital role in enabling everyone to achieve their full potential: both in the classroom and on the sports field. The department offers a rich and diverse curriculum, giving all performers the opportunity to succeed – and this was reflected when hosting Girls Go Gold in September 2023.

“For each individual, sport is a possible source for inner improvement.”

Pierre de Coubertin

Offered at examination level are GCSE PE and IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science (SEHS). These qualifications provide students with the opportunity to delve deeper into the fascinating workings of the human body and its multifaceted functions during exercise, physical activity and sport.

At GCSE, students investigate the core principles of anatomy, physiology and socio-cultural and well-being issues. Studying these concepts further, often for the first time, allow students to learn the fundamentals of sports science whilst gaining an appreciation for the complex workings of the human body from physical and psychological perspectives. The practical element of this course provides an interesting, personal link for students, prompting them to reflect and think deeper into their own personal experiences of sport and exercise.

The IB course covers an exciting and current range of topics; physiology, energy systems and biomechanics as examples. With links to both health and performance, students get the opportunity to participate in practical laboratory settings and probe further into their own interests through independent assessments.

The Abbey’s aspiration is that by the time students are ready to leave, they have developed a love of sport, the physical literacy skills and confidence to be able to take part in any sport they wish and a passion for life long sport participation.

Specialist scholarships in Sport are offered to pupils joining the Senior School in Upper III (Year 7) and are awarded for three years until the end of Upper IV (Year 9). Find out more on our Scholarships page.

There are many additional opportunities to participate in Sport at the Senior School. Find out more on our Extra-Curricular page.

Welcome from Heads of Department – Julie Penhaligon and Sophie Appleby

Physical Education at The Abbey as seen through the eyes of our students