In Philosophy and Theology, students delve into some of life’s deepest questions. Engaging both the emotions and the intellect, lessons involve exploring the motivations behind worldviews and beliefs and applying learning to current issues.

Critical thinking and empathy skills are central to the subject and are fostered in a safe, nurturing environment. Such skills prepare learners for a rapidly changing world and a wide range of careers. 

In Upper III (Year 7), pupils explore major faith narratives and develop philosophical and emotional literacy. In Lower IV (Year 8), thinking and evaluation skills are developed through interaction with major themes in philosophy and through a critical consideration of Jesus in Christianity. 

Students begin a Short Course GCSE in Religious Studies (Edexcel B) in UIV(Year 9), with a focus on beliefs and ethical issues in Christianity and Islam. The GCSE is examined at the end of Lower V(Year 10). Upper IV and Lower V students have additional dedicated time learning a range of reasoning skills. 

In Sixth Form, the A level route offers a study of philosophy, ethics and theology (OCR). For IB, several key philosophical themes are explored.

Outside the classroom, students can explore questions further in Philosophy Club and older students can take part in a Philosophon.

Welcome from Head of Department – Mark Amos

Philosophy and Theology as seen through the eyes of our students