There’s nothing quite as exciting as learning a new language from scratch – and at The Abbey, this is a possibility in Sixth Form! As part of the IB programme, students can start learning Italian ab initio as their foreign language.

This course is perfect for anyone who has little to no experience of the Italian language, but who would like the opportunity to learn more about Italian language and culture. In two years, students will learn how to navigate everyday-life conversations in Italian thanks to an intensive but supportive programme. Studying Italian in Sixth Form allows students to apply the language skills they have developed at GCSE while working with the full range of resources available to them such as podcasts, blogs, and learning apps, all of which will play a key role in their learning. Using this vast array of resources, which also include books, magazines, and newspapers, students will not only learn to speak the language, but also to understand and appreciate the culture.

Studying Italian is not only an exciting experience, but a great opportunity to add another feather to your cap as you apply to university and for jobs later. Universities value not only knowledge of a foreign language, but also students who take on intellectual challenges such as starting a new language from scratch. Not only will Italian prove invaluable for students of music and art, it will also open up a range of opportunities in the fields of fashion, business, and design. Since all Italian classes at the Abbey are taught by a native speaker, students will get the chance to gain a real perspective on Italian life and language.

Welcome from the Head of Department – Luca Vairo

Italian at the Abbey as seen through the eyes of our students: