‘Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future’ – Michael Palin

Geography is a study of the rapidly changing world in which we live. It develops a knowledge and understanding of the interaction between the physical and human environment.  Geographers understand the importance of planning and managing our resources for both present and future generations.  

Geographers ask questions. Students are encouraged to use them to explore the world; by identifying and analysing a range of evidence they can learn to form balanced opinions.  As a department, the aim is to empower all students to build the tool kit necessary to formulate their own complex answers to questions like:

  • What do pirates have to do with Geography?
  • What do photographs and films of Reading tell us about local people’s geographies?
  • How does the use of my phone affect people on the other side of the world in the Congo?
  • What do geographers have to add to the study of tropical diseases?

Beyond the classroom

Geography exists beyond the limits of classroom – fieldwork is an essential part of the students’ geographical journey.  Each year group has a field trip.

  • Upper III (Year 7) design their own fieldwork investigation on a woodland ecosystem in Amersham.
  • Lower IV (Year 8) design their own fieldwork investigation on a coastal environment in Hengistbury Head.
  • Upper IV (Year 9) decide if Chessington World of Adventures is a successful tourist attraction.
  • Two days of fieldwork accompany the GCSE course and four days accompany the A Level/IB course.

The department also offers enrichment trips and recent visits include Northern Ireland, Iceland, Norway and Croatia.

Vibrant and knowledgeable, the department inspires a love of Geography in all the students. 

Welcome from Head of Department – Janette Gray


Geography at The Abbey as seen through the eyes of our students: