Studying French will take students on an exciting journey which will equip them with communication skills to explore and discover the many countries round the world where the language is spoken.

Learning French at The Abbey is a positive and fun experience where students from Upper III (Year 7) through to Upper VI (Year 13) use the latest resources and online interactive technologies to develop their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar, expand their powers of expression and become confident communicators.  Throughout their journey, Abbey linguists have substantial opportunities to sample the best of what French culture has to offer in terms of films, music, food or architecture. Students are also able to experience French culture first hand and use the language in real life situations during our study visit to Nice on the French Riviera.

A team of dedicated teachers shares their passion for the language and helps girls achieve excellent results in all public examinations. Every year, some students go on to read French in prestigious universities. There is no doubt that studying French gives an edge over competitors and open doors to a greater number of jobs in fields such as Business, Law and Diplomacy. 

Welcome from Head of Department – Isabelle Berrow

French at The Abbey as seen through the eyes of students: