A subject for those students who are curious about everything that happens around them. What is the difference between public debt and a budget deficit? Why has the pound been falling in value? Why are footballers paid more than nurses, and why is the success of the Korean boy band, BTS, good for the Korean Balance of Payments? What is meant by a “sustainable economy” and how does an emissions trading system help achieve this. These are just some of the questions an Economics student can expect to consider.

Whilst not necessarily providing a right answer, studying Economics provides a framework enabling students to understand the impact of government economic policy decisions both nationally and internationally. It develops analysis, problem-solving, evaluation and essay-writing skills that are transferable across almost any career route. Don’t choose Economics just because you might study it at University; Economics is a useful support for Politics, Philosophy, Law, History and Geography.

“Politics is just a high concentration of Economics.”

Vladmir Lenin

Economics is definitely the perfect subject to do at school. It will prepare you very well for the academic challenges you will encounter at university and for understanding what is going on in the world.

Beyond the classroom

A number of opportunities are available, including:

  • Attending economic conferences to hear inspiring speakers such as Evan Davis
  • Be an investment banker for a day and experience a live stock market trading floor at Henley Business School


Welcome from Head of Department – Ian Bennett

Economics at The Abbey as seen through the eyes of our students: