The Drama department is a thriving and dynamic environment where students develop an enduring passion for the subject.

Drama is offered from Upper III (Year 7) to Upper VI (Year 13) (including at GCSE, A level and IB), taught by experienced and inspiring subject specialists with backgrounds in performance, direction and the study of theatre as an academic discipline. Independent learning, resilience and attention to detail are essential, preparing students for future study in a range of academic disciplines, while accompanying them on a journey of self-discovery, and allowing them to explore their creativity. Drama isn’t only about being on stage, students have a chance to explore different elements of design, develop their critical thinking and cultivate transferable skills such as public speaking, teamwork and project development.

“Theatre is the art of looking at ourselves”

Augusto Boal

Examination results have been consistently strong, and many of the students have gone on to study Drama or Acting at the country’s leading universities and conservatoires.

Drama also offers several productions and a range of theatre trips each year and there is a unique Scholars’ programme run by the Theatre Artist in Residence, Cassie Friend (RedCape Theatre).

Welcome from Head of Department – Rossella Peretto

Drama at The Abbey as seen through the eyes of our students: