Latin at The Abbey is fun! From Upper III we bring the Classical World to life, not only studying the finer points of Latin grammar but delving into life in Pompeii and Roman Britain, visiting Chedworth Roman Villa and Bath. Language and cultural links with English and Modern Languages abound, making our studies relevant and useful.

Latin and Classical Greek are GCSE options where we continue to build language skills as well as having the exciting opportunity of reading Virgil and Homer in the original. Girls have the chance to visit the Bay of Naples and imagine the bustling culture of the forum or the theatre. Latin and Greek are well established subjects in the Sixth Form with the students not only attending lectures and plays but even celebrating Virgil’s birthday! We are proud of the number of girls we send off to university to continue with Classical subjects.

Welcome from Head of Department – Elizabeth Sutcliffe

Classics at The Abbey as seen through the eyes of our students: