The Abbey Art Department believe that an experience and understanding of the ‘arts’ is important for all students of all levels and abilities, as it enables them to develop their creativity, visual awareness, communication and self-expression, thereby teaching them to have an understanding of the impact that this subject has on all cultures and societies. The subject supports personal, social, moral, spiritual, cultural, and creative development. 

In life ‘knowing how’ is just as important as ‘knowing that’. Art and Design at The Abbey introduces students to a range of intellectual and practical skills. It enables learners to use and understand the properties of a wide range of tools, machines, and materials. Students engage and explore with visual, tactile, and other sensory experiences as well as communicate conceptual ideas and meanings. An opportunity is provided to explore working with traditional and new media such as painting, drawing, printing, ceramics, mixed media, digital media, and photography. Ultimately learning to develop pupil’s confidence, competence, problem solving skills and imagination is paramount.

“Art is a place for children to learn to trust their ideas, themselves, and to explore what is possible”

Maryann. F . Kohl

The interdisciplinary beauty of Art and Design means that it is the perfect complement to all other subjects and develops the learner’s life skills. Students from the Abbey tend to move into future learning opportunities by studying various visual arts courses at University. Architecture, Fine Art, Fashion and Textiles, Animation, Graphic Design, and Illustration, Interior and Product Design as well as Foundation courses are popular choices. The subject offers a wealth of career choices, prosperous and creative job opportunities (both within the UK and abroad). The creative industry is booming, and most contemporary businesses and corporations admire employees that have imaginative thinking. 

Beyond the Classroom

Students are offered a variety of lunchtime clubs and open studio sessions. Articulation (Sixth Form public speaking competition) and external competitions are encouraged.  House Art, trips, and gallery opportunities are offered, as well as an extensive and diverse Art Scholarship programme.

Art at The Abbey as seen through the eyes of our students: