Junior School Clubs – Something For Everyone

Junior School Clubs – Something For Everyone

Junior School Clubs returned this week, with a variety of activities for all years to choose from. Staff and Students have given their thoughts on the clubs they have chosen to attend, and what they enjoy the most about the extra-curricular options. Finally, the Music Captains reflect on the vast Musical options available and how they want more students to get involved. 


Mind Boggling Club with LPrep 

Mrs Alniacik-Walton remarks on the success and importance of Mind Boggling Club, one of 

the lunchtime sessions offered to some of the younger students at the Junior School:

 I believe Learning through Play is one of the most important concepts in childhood development. Through play children can learn cognitive, social and language skills, and build the self-confidence needed to navigate challenges in life. 

In class we are preparing for the UIIP Remembrance Day assembly, which is going to be recorded for coronavirus reasons, by writing about our chosen relative for a script that we are going to read out in the assembly. It’s really fun doing this because we get to be creative and it’s a challenge to make it short enough for our script. – Matilda – UII (Year 5) 


Netball Club 

This week I really enjoyed Netball club. We played a couple of different games. I love the drama club that we can do as well because it is so much fun and we play loads of drama games. Laura LIII (Year 6) 


After School Hockey Club 

It’s great to be able to extend the opportunities to be physically active within school as sports clubs start up during and after the school day, especially as lockdown kicks in meaning there is nothing beyond the school day. 

As well as all that curriculum PE offers our students within their timetable, there is now the option of Football club for L1, Hockey and Netball for UI – LIII at lunchtimes and after-school hockey for UII and LIII. Every girl in those year groups has been invited and the PE department are delighted with the initial take-up and the enthusiasm for the extra -curricular sports clubs where the emphasis will be on gameplay experience at all levels. 

PE hope students will reap the benefits of these additional opportunities to be active and involved in team sports, keeping them fit and healthy physically and mentally. 

‘This week I did hockey training after school. We practised our skills and played a game of hockey in our bubbles. it was so much fun.’ Poppy LIII (Year 6)