Jumping Junior – Laura

Laura in Lower III, is an Aerobic gymnast. This type of gymnastics suits Laura perfectly as she has always been constantly active, unable to keep still, jumpy, energetic and is ‘all about the music’. 

Her great, big contagious smile comes naturally when she is having fun, which makes watching her performances very enjoyable. Laura has just joined The Abbey and socialising through the gym with lots of girls and different friends has helped her settle in very quickly. 

Laura‘s favourite moves are the ones she can do well and where she relaxes. She confesses to being clumsy at home, but 11 hours of training a week allows for a neat, practised performance. With the support of her number one fans, her mum, and dad who really love watching and are super involved.

She’s missing competition this year, but training hard at National Aerobic Code level, as part of the National Development Squad. Hopefully following a pathway to International Competition, looking up and aspiring to be like the older girls in training.

Last year she competed at the GB Championships in Liverpool, and at the Welsh Championships where she won a medal. At the moment it’s all about having fun, but Laura also admits that she is very competitive and strives to be the best she can be…so watch this space.