Bottles of Hope – Lower V

Emma, from Bottles of Hope, joined the Lower V students during Skills for Life on Wednesday 2 December. Bottles of Hope is a registered charity that supports the education and training of disadvantaged workforces through the assembly of solar lamps in the Nilgiri Hills, Southern India.

 Once assembled, the solar lamps are distributed to low income families and individuals experiencing power cuts as a result of monsoon seasons, as well as to those who do not have access to national power grids all year round. Bottles of Hope have spent the majority of 2020 carrying out major research and development into their product and operations. 

They have completely redesigned their solar lamps to make them more reliable, durable and powerful. Alongside this, they are developing a new sustainable buy-for-buy finance model, selling umbrellas. Once running, this will allow them the financial capability to continuously distribute solar lamps all year round. 

After the event, the Lower V Charity representatives got together to share their thoughts on the presentation: “Through GMeet, we enjoyed learning about Bottles of Hope. We found out that it is a charity that provides people with safe sustainable light sources tackling issues like plastic waste, lack of employment, carbond dioxide emissions, power cuts and kerosene use in southern India. Bottles of Hope produce solar powered lights, reducing the need for the use for kerosene lamps and paraffin candles, which have been known to cause respiratory diseases and even fires. 

Kerosene kills approximately 1.5 million people a year, which can be devastating in the tightly packed houses in which many people live. The bottles they use are recycled from the surrounding area and there are Research and Development projects which help improve the product by making it more power efficient, with a brighter light and easier to manufacture.

 As a result of Covid-19, no Christmas bake sales can take place at The Abbey this year, therefore we ask you to donate to Bottles of Hope via the link below so this charity can keep doing their amazing work. “It was very inspirational to all of us Lower V students to see Emma, a young woman, show so much passion towards this subject. 

It inspired many of us to help as much as we can and make a change.” The relationship between The Abbey School and Bottles of Hope began in 2018, when founders Jehan and Emma first visited the school. They gave a talk on their new innovative project for international community development in India which they set up through Reading University’s ‘Enactus’ Society. 

In 2019, the founders returned to the school, this time to share the incredible successes of Bottles of Hope’s first operational year. By this time, they had positively impacted over 500 individuals with empowering employment opportunities and renewable light sources. They would not have been able to do this without the help of those at The Abbey School. 

Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, our Lower V students are unable to carry out the usual fundraising activities of the previous two years. Although the bake sales and Christmas cards will have to be postponed until next year, we do hope that you will continue to help Bottles of Hope fundraise online!. 

They are reaching out to teachers, parents and anyone who wants to make a difference this festive season, and asking for support of their Christmas Crowdfunder. Any generous contributions given in this fundraiser will allow Bottles of Hope to continue distributing solar lamps to people much less fortunate than us.