‘All In’ – 2020 Young Enterprise Company Introduction

We are team All In, and how could you not be ‘all in’ on our card game? 

Currently, people are greatly prone to getting addicted to their electronic devices, including us, any moment we can. 

However, for a long time, we have been playing card games with friends and family. We’re all passionate about card games, and what better way to spend your time than an enjoyable round of cards together, away from the screen? We took this idea to a new level. 

Our card game ‘All In’ combines fun and competitive play with the acquisition of various skills; cognitive thinking, memory gain and reaction time to name a few. 

The game is simple: snap with a twist. When there’s a match, the group must do either the action or answer the trivia question on the card. First one to do/say it wins the round. 

This game gets extremely competitive and creates a truly entertaining atmosphere for all, simultaneously helping you learn new skills which aid in everyday life without it feeling like a chore. 

Whether it be your toddler or your grandparent, anyone can have a wonderful time playing All In. 

What better Christmas gift than one that brings people together? 

If you’re interested in the game, or want to find out more, please contact: all.in.2020.ye@gmail.com and visit our Instagram: @ye_all_in_2020