Young Enterprise teams took to the dragon's den and tamed the beasts inside

22 November 2019

This year’s Young Enterprise teams; Cloud 8, Splash and UP! took to the dragons cave, and tamed the beasts inside, with their fantastic pitches.

The elevator style pitch had to last no longer than 5 minutes, and had to include the business’, general branding, business plan, financial information and marketing strategy.

Cloud 8 pitched their environmentally friendly blended tea. The sustainable nature of their product was seen as a ‘nice idea’ by the dragons. They loved the tagline ‘Everything is great when you’re on Cloud 8.’ They also thought that linking the product to combating stress was ‘nice’ and that Cloud 8 could explore it further with their logo, for example medit8 or motiv8.

Splash were next to pitch their idea. Similar to Cloud 8, Splash focused on the environmental impact on their product, and explained the jewellery they were selling would be made from reclaimed Ocean plastic. The dragons thought Splash gave a ‘confident and clear’ pitch and they enjoyed the company’s strap line ‘your small contribution will make a big splash.’ The use of vegan products such as using vegetable-based wax for the lacing was a ‘very good idea.’ The dragons encouraged them to widen their market further and to develop an online campaign plan.

Up! focused on gender and ethnic balance with their science-based activity book. The book highlights women’s roles in science and links to famous scientists. The dragons thought the pitch was ‘confident and clear,’ and that it was ‘good’ to have a photograph and sample page of the book. They also liked the idea of mixed activities, both inside and outside the home, using household products. The dragons advised them to consider who the target audience was, once this has been established they are confident that the company will be able to deliver a successful campaign.

All three companies will be at The Abbey Christmas Market on 30th November where they will be fundraising to help develop their businesses.