World Maths Day

This week we celebrated World Maths Day at the Junior School. Students took on the challenge of finding maths in their homes and daily activities. The fact is we all use maths in our day today routines whether we are aware of it or not.

Students from Reception all the way up to Lower III proved this to be correct and found maths in some of the most unlikely places…

Shaw (Reception) used a measuring tape to work out how tall she is. She is 113cm tall. Abigail (Upper I) counted out bread sticks to be shared. Aheli (Upper Prep) captured a moment when her gardener measured her garden to lay down turf. Evie = (Upper II) weighed chocolate chips for baking something yummy. Mahi (Upper I) used a measuring tape to calculate the size of her window. Hafsa (Upper Prep) identified angles on household items.