Upper IV Fair Trade Market

In Geography this week, we had a fair trade market to learn more about what fair trade is and how it works. Each group chose a food category and had to design a poster, leaflet and bring in an example of the product
Our group selected snacks and biscuits. We learnt that some brands support fair trade and this makes their product slightly more expensive than normal. This means that the workers and farmers who produced the ingredients get a set amount of pay each month. This is good because it ensures that the workers can make a living without worrying about money and they are less vulnerable to poverty.

In our class, there were some amazing examples of fair trade food, for example, Molly, Saffron, Sophie and Dani made some homemade brownies, a chocolate tart and a large chocolate bar. In another group, Shefali made some homemade scones with apricot jam. I think this was a really fun way to learn about fair trade.
Hannah, Upper IV

Our group decided to find out whether fair trade products were better than the equivalent non fair trade products. We looked at the price, the ethics and the overall taste of chocolate, by completing a blind taste test, to judge whether we preferred the fair trade option. We also made a poster for our stall and a leaflet that explained the impact of fair trade chocolate on the farmers, the producers and the consumers. Overall, we decided that the fair trade chocolate was better,
Siena, Ava and Alice Upper IV