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Each week, Mr le Fleming and Mrs Kaura provide their reflections on a wide range of issues that affect education, the UK and the wider world. Click the button below to read through the library of articles.

Why we are here

A lovely experience this week, while on a trip to Manchester for the annual conference of the Girls’ Schools Association (GSA). I was visiting Chetham’s School of Music at the kind invitation of…

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Who tells your story?

The backdrop to our lives has become an anxious one - affected by opinions over BLM and our response to equality, diversity and inclusion; Everyone’s Invited and the #MeToo movement; together with a…

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Powerful principles and difficult questions

A week ago today thousands of young people marched through Glasgow in a demonstration to campaign against climate change. There was much frustration with COP26: Greta Thunberg declared it an obvious…

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Let there be light

All around us, we see signs that nature is gearing up for the next spectacular season. Before the cold, bleak winter months set in, nature celebrates this time in a blaze of golden glory. Warmth and…

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In celebration of making

Today’s theme is a single word, but a powerful one. It is a word that carries so many meanings that its entry in the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary takes more than a page, spread across ten…

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