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Each week, Mr le Fleming and Mrs Kaura provide their reflections on a wide range of issues that affect education, the UK and the wider world. Click the button below to read through the library of articles.

Why do single-sex schools exist?

This is a reasonable question and one to which all parents choosing single-sex education and all of us involved in it need a positive answer. The origins of single-sex schooling may lie in history,…

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The power of voice

The rhythm of our world beats faster and faster. We live in a society where social constructs expect us to conform to the expectations of a 24/7 presence. Little time appears to be available to pause…

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A better tomorrow

Can you sense it yet: the slow unfurling of life all around? It feels good, doesn’t it? Satisfying in the way only something you have waited for feels. By now, many of us have met with family…

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Cultural repair

When is injustice individual, and when is it systemic? In the areas of both race and gender this debate has remained vividly alive over recent weeks. In the UK the Commission on Race and Ethnic…

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On reflection

Since the first lockdown began a year ago in 2020, and as the nation reflects on the collective loss of this pandemic over the past twelve months, we came together as a school community this week to…

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