Sundance Film Festival Entry, Mrs Cornford

Mrs Cornford, Senior School Music teacher, entered an animation competition where she had to compose the music for the clip. Congratulations are in order as her piece of music has made it into the Sundance Film Festival and will be screened this week.

Mrs Cornford explained her choice behind the music and what the animation clip was about, “The animation is around seven minutes long and it’s called ‘The Fire Next Time’, and it is about the 2011 London riots.

The short film is told from the perspective of the rioters/looters and shows the feelings of oppression and persecution as it follows a group of youths who live on a council estate who feel that they are always being watched and hunted by the police.

The film has much in common with the BLM movement. In terms of the musical composition, I mostly used the electric viola sounds and djembe drums.”

As a result of her music being chosen for the Sundance Film Festival, Mrs Cornford says she has been invited to various gala events, including brunch composer gatherings and other film maker events. Despite these events happening in Park City, Utah, Mrs Cornford can still attend as they are all remote.

If anyone would like to watch the film, the link to Vimeo is here: