Success for Abbey pupil at international shooting event

10 September 2019

Hannah, Lower V, has been powering through some maths whilst also achieving great results at a recent pistol shooting competition.

Air O Shoot is a new Belgium-based event for top shooters across the UK and Europe, and Hannah received a personal invitation to take part. She competes in the ‘Junior Women’ category, where she is ranked 6th in the UK!

As an Abbey pupil, Hannah is part of a community where there is always lots going on. Time management and prioritisation are hugely valuable skills to learn, and here at The Abbey, pupils are regularly put in situations where these things are put to the test; Hannah even managed to fit in her Maths studies whilst at Air O Shoot in Belgium, completing it in between the qualifying and final rounds of the competition.

This small distraction didn’t stop her, and Hannah went on to win both a Bronze and a Silver medal. Her scores were close to those of the Seniors, meaning Hannah would have still done well if she were competing at Senior level!

Always keeping busy, Hannah will be representing The Abbey at the South West Schools Pistol Championships in early October, before participating in the Welsh Open.

Air O Shoot combines current pupil and ex-pupil news, as Abbey Alumna Yvette was also invited to attend. She placed a very respectable 4th in the Women’s Junior Rifle competition.