The Abbey’s culture is built on a foundation that encourages leadership in many different forms, at every level within our School.

We are a heavily student-led community where students develop the ability to manage themselves and support one another throughout daily life – whether in classroom activities, on the sports field, in charity initiatives or in peer-to-peer pastoral care. This highly commended self-regulating culture helps our students to develop into caring citizens who value the importance of building positive connections with other people in all walks of life.

We provide many opportunities for students to explore and develop their own leadership styles, learning the ability to lead in a way which inspires, builds trust, brings people together, and which motivates others to share their vision and take action. We champion freedom of thought and encourage students to have the confidence to voice their views, and the wisdom to form them from a place of thoughtfulness and balance.

All year groups offer positions of responsibility at the Senior School. Every form group has an elected representative, each of whom sits on a year group forum led by one of our Sixth Form students. These forums listen to views and lead decision-making on fundraising activities, our events, help shape our extra-curricular programme or lead initiatives inspired by global topics such as the environment or women’s rights.

Peer Supporters form part of our pastoral care programme to provide a network of support that encourages openness, ensuring there is always someone to talk to at an appropriate level, and that no students’ worries go unnoticed. They apply in Year 9 and are selected after a mini interview. After training, they make themselves available at lunch times and liaise with our Sixth Form Pastoral Prefects.