At The Abbey Senior School, learning is a two-way process between students and teachers that doesn’t stop at the classroom door, and which goes beyond any confines of the curriculum.

Our experienced and dedicated teachers spend time getting to know every student – what ignites their interest, any areas of difficulty, and importantly, how they like to learn. Our purpose is to engage every child in collaborative, communicative and tailored learning.

Through a broad programme of dynamic, cross-curricular activities, and by teaching ‘Theory of Knowledge’, we develop each student’s ability to listen, discuss, articulate and express. We also feel it is important that the doorway to exploring opportunities is kept open, so students continue to benefit from a broad curriculum until the start of Year 10, when they select their options.

When it comes to exam results, you won’t be surprised that The Abbey is well known for the outstanding grades achieved by our students, but you might be surprised to learn how we get there. Unlike most schools, we have switched our emphasis from the outcome to the journey.

Everything we do places the ‘why’ at its heart

Why we do it:

We believe there is a better way of learning that goes beyond academic measures

How we do it:

By bringing together forward-thinking teaching methods and a culture which inspires engaged, relaxed, responsible, and thoughtful learning

What we do:

We facilitate a balance between academic excellence, intellectual agility and emotional wellbeing

Approach to Learning Learner Profile

Highlights ten attitudes that we encourage in all those involved in learning – from Nursery to Sixth Form. We hope that our students will carry these attitudes forward into higher education and into a future of lifelong learning.

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