Pause 4 Thought

15 November 2019

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” ― Elbert Hubbard

This week’s picture does not reflect a snowy microclimate here in RG2, but acts as a reflection of those languages which have multiple words for ‘snow’ in their vocabularies. Reputedly, Inuit languages have 40 – 50 different words, the Swedes have 25, the Sami have 180, whilst, according to researchers at the University of Glasgow some, the Scots lay claim to over 400 (!), including:

  • Feefle: Snow swirling around a corner
  • Flindrikin: A light snow shower
  • Skelf: A large snowflake

Whilst the accuracy of these figures is open to debate, the point stands that people to whom snow is a significant part of their environment seek different ways to describe its subtleties. Interesting then, that in English we use the word ‘love’ to describe a wide range of feelings and relationships. As we spend the next few weeks considering how we can use and develop our strength of Love, I introduced the girls to the 4 types of love recognised by the ancient Greeks:

  • Eros – ‘falling in love’; when people choose to get married or spend their lives together.
  • Storge – Storge is the natural bond between mother and infant, father, children, and kin.
  • Phileo – Phileo love is a love of the affections. It is delighting to be in the presence of another, a warm feeling – friendship.
  • Agape – Agape love is God’s kind of love. It is seeking the welfare and betterment of another regardless of how we feel. Agape does not have the primary meaning of feelings or affection.

Have a good weekend.

Mrs D-C