At some point after their third birthday, some children are ready to flourish and participate in the environment offered by a Nursery School such as ours. At this age, children develop incredibly rapidly as their language, social and physical skills come on in leaps and bounds – often literally! Whether learning to hear the sounds in a word, mastering the zip on their coat or counting their friends, their brains and bodies are working hard and work and play are indistinguishable.

The Nursery provides a warm and friendly introduction to school, where the girls take their first steps on the path of learning. We encourage independence, from daily routines to self-management of their choices in their work. We aim to foster the girls’ curiosity through exploring a range of topics linked to the world around them by making the most of both the indoor and outdoor environment. Challenges and opportunities ensure that the girls are actively engaged in their learning from the outset.

We offer a full curriculum for girls aged 3-4 which runs during core school hours. Teaching in the Nursery takes place in small groups as well as whole group lessons and includes a range of activities from Music to Phonics, from Gardening to Art. The girls are based in Knell House and enjoy a range of visitors and trips, including opportunities to visit and work in the Abbey Gardens and other school sites.