My journey to The Abbey – Upper III

Having only just moved to England, it was with a good deal of trepidation that I said goodbye to my parents and ventured into The Abbey School. I was particularly apprehensive about whether I would fit in with my peers-to-be, as I had formerly studied in Mumbai, India for most of my life although I am of British origin. I was also anxious about making friends and whether any students would be uncharitable towards me. “Will they like me?”, I wondered. I was terrified of making a mistake. All the same, I was still delighted, grateful and felt very lucky to be going to physical school.

Walking into reception, I decided then and there to give it my best shot. I was met with friendly teachers and nervous smiles as I realised that we were all in the same boat after a strange few months. This is uncharted territory, but we would explore it happily. When we were allowed into our form rooms, I quickly discovered that our form teacher was quite funny, pleasant and made me feel at ease, although I was still a little taciturn for the first School period at least. 

From then onwards, I was determined to be amiable to everyone, as they were to me. By the end of the day I had spoken to a majority of the form and made friends with plenty of people over the next few days. I quickly settled into the new routine without hesitation. Positive mindsets are everything. 

I arrived home with a massive smile on my face