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Parents can find reports, extra-curricular information, sports matches, calendars and more on the Parent Portal. All parents have been provided with login details via email. If you have forgotten your login details, please contact reception. 

Life at The Abbey

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The Abbey School Parents’ Association

The Parents’ Association is your community - every parent of a pupil at The Abbey School is a member. We exist to support the school and develop relationships across the school community.

As well as raising funds to purchase items for the school, we run a number of social events throughout the year for parents and pupils, and we also run the Second-hand Uniform Shop. We hope you enjoy the activities we organise and make friends across the school community in the process.

We are a parent-led organisation and we rely on your help to be successful, so please get involved! You can contact us via the links in this section of the site or come along to one of the twice-termly meetings.

The funds raised by the Parents' Association go towards subsidising activities such as the Junior School Christmas Parties and fund donations of equipment to the school. In the past two years we have funded or agreed to fund the following items:


Total fundraising of £23,037 with items funded including:

  • Junior School Piano
  • Senior School Piano
  • Junior School Pond Plants
  • Software for iPad Minis
  • Speech Day Prize


  • £4,087 for new stage drapes for Richards Hall in the Senior School.
  • £3,506 to erect a Forest Story House outside Somerleaze at the Junior School.
  • £2,874 for iPad Minis for Early Years.
  • £2,000 to buy new outdoor play equipment at Knell House.
  • £490 to buy a model skeleton for the Junior School Science Department.
  • £450 to provide a photo booth at the Upper V Prom.
  • £400 to promote Road Safety Week at the Junior School.
  • £250 for new pond pumps at the Junior School.

In previous years we have provided many significant items for the school such as the all-weather astroturf in Kensington Quadrangle, Choral Risers and play equipment for Early Years and the Junior School, curtains in Richards Hall, circular benches and picnic tables for the Senior School.

The Second Hand Uniform Shop sells all items of current uniform along with miscellaneous 'extras' such as tennis rackets, hockey sticks, ballet kit etc. Items are generally in a good state of repair, with any shortcomings usually limited to a missing button, dropped hem etc.  

All stock is donated, and in return the prices are low - less than half the price of new. Items can be left at the Shop (when it is open), or in a clearly marked bag at either Junior or Senior School Reception.

The Shop is located in Knell House, Vicarage Road (the Nursery building, directly opposite the main Junior School.) Please ring the bell for access. It is generally open one afternoon a week during term time, with dates publicised here and via the weekly Gateway email.

The Shop can be contacted via email:

 The Shop is run entirely by volunteers. Extra helpers are always needed. It does not need to be a regular commitment - a couple of hours, once or twice a term makes an enormous difference and is sufficient to allow the shop to open. Please contact Jennifer, via the above email address, if you would like to get involved.

The Shop is currently closed as there is not enough second hand stock following the recent uniform change. It will re-open as soon as there is the stock to warrant it. In the meantime, if anything is required, please contact Jennifer via email.


There are several ways to support us:

  • First and foremost, please come along to one of the events we organise and have fun!
  • Chat to your Class Link, drop us an email or come along to a committee meeting to give us your ideas for things we could do to support parents, pupils and the school.
  • Consider becoming a Class Link. If you're interested, please talk to one of the other Class Links or email
  • Get involved in running an event.
  • Volunteer to help at the Second-hand Uniform Shop. Just a couple of hours a term would help tremendously. Contact Jennifer by email at
  • Purchase items online via our easyfundraising portal.
  • If purchasing labels for school uniform from easy2name, please select our group name "Abbey School Parents Assoc RG1" at checkout.
  • If purchasing stamps from Stamptastic, please use our cashback code "ABBEY".
  • If purchasing craft items from Yellow Moon, please use our fundraising code "The Abbey School Parents Association".

As a Registered Charity, the Parents' Association is governed by a formal constitution. Our Charity Registration number is 1129986.

The committee is elected by the general members at the Annual General Meeting, the first meeting of the Autumn Term. The current committee is shown below:


Amy Turner

Vice Chair:



Harriet Cunningham


Louise Fleck



Social Secretary:


Uniform Shop Manager:

Jennifer Carins

Members without Portfolio:

Mari-Carmen Almazan

Lisa Garthside

Cigdem Gogus

Ana Kershaw

Robert Payne

Kate Saffman

Rebecca Sampson

Class Link

One of the key points of contact with the Parents' Association is your Class Link. The Class Links help disseminate information about activities organised by the Parents' Association, facilitates communication between parents in a particular class/year group and helps to provide a social focus, particular for new parents and girls. They also provide a conduit for feedback to the Parents' Association, so if you think we should be doing something have a chat with your Class Link!

If you're interested in volunteering as a Class Link please contact

Junior School Parking Tips

At morning drop off and evening pick up it can get very busy around the Junior School. Please leave enough time for your journey to park safely, legally and considerately a little way from the school.

Here are some tips from parents who have been at the school a number of years. Hopefully, these tips will help make your journey less stressful and safer for everyone:

  • You don’t need to park!

You can pull up kerbside in Vicarage Road and drop your girls with a staff member. Kiss and Drop in Vicarage Road is available for Trans girls and upwards between 8.15 am and 8.40 am. Prep girls can use Kiss and Drop between 8.15 am and 8.30 am.

  • You can drop your girls early.

In the mornings, your daughter can be dropped at the Kensington House site from 8.15 am. KS2 girls are supervised in the quadrangle until the bell goes at 8.30 am. Nursery and KS1 girls can be dropped in Kensington Hall where they will be supervised until 8.30 am, when those who need to be in a different building will be escorted there.

  • You can access the school from Cintra Avenue.

In the mornings, the school can be accessed from Cintra Avenue using the gate by the tennis courts. This is available to all between 8.15 am and 8.40 am and can also be used as a drop-off without parking for girls from Lower I up.

  • You can collect your girls later.

Girls can be looked after for up to 30 minutes after the end of their day without charge, if you are delayed in collecting them:

  • Nursery girls will be remain in Knell House until 15:55.
  • Reception, Prep and Trans girls will stay in their form room until 15:40, then be taken over to Trans U until 16:00.
  • Lower I, Upper I, Upper II and Lower III girls will stay in their form room until 16:00, then go to the Art Room until 16:15.

After these times, girls will be taken to After School Care (and normal charges apply).

  • There is a list of girls’ home locations to help with car sharing.

A Junior School Directory containing home post codes is published each year to help parents to set-up car sharing.

  • There is more parking a short walk from the school.

In our experience, trying to park directly by the school gate can be very stressful. At drop off and pick-up the roads near the school do get very busy with school buses and other parents trying to park. There are many roads a short walk from the school that offer more accessible parking and there is a free car park for Cintra Park off Northumberland Avenue.


  • Legal and safe parking is expected.

Please do not park on the double yellow lines, zig zags or pavements near the school - this is very dangerous for small children walking and trying to cross the road. The police, the school and the Parents’ Association actively promote safe parking around the school.

Detailed information about all of the above is contained within the Handbook for Parents and Pupils, available from the ‘Log in area’ of the Abbey School website.

If you would like to get involved with promoting road safety around the Junior School, please contact