ARTiculation Regional Finalist

The Abbey Art Department has annually enjoyed the success of the ARTiculation Prize hosted by Roche Court Educational Trust.

This year saw no exception (despite lockdown) as we launched the competition to our Lower VI students. We were exceptionally stunned by the huge array of topical 10 minute presentations ranging a breadth of Artists and Illustrators in their internal heat, back in December 2020. So much so, the final decision to take only one of our students forward to represent the Abbey in the regional heats, was incredibly tough indeed. The staff deliberated and Zara, with her Delita Martin presentation won over the audience. Her personal connection to the work and the influence of the artist upon her own practice made it a particularly memorable, and special speech. Moving forward, Zara joined several other candidates for her online ‘zoom’ regional heat on the 18th January 2021. Thomas Groves (official auducator) praised Zara for her brilliant choice of artist and artwork. He praised her for how she set the presentation up as a challenge to the audience and for her good understanding of the symbolism within the artwork. He stated how much he enjoyed the connections Zara made, the curiosity she demonstrated in approaching the work, and how much he enjoyed seeing her own work.  We would like to congratulate Zara, for her on-going commitment to the competition throughout this difficult time, it was a pleasure to watch you flourish with such confidence. Equally, our admiration extends to all our worthy Lower VI students for their well planned, interesting and thought provoking presentations.

If you would like to watch Zara’s presentation, then please click the link here: