Virgil’s Birthday – Upper V

Every year the Classics Department celebrates Virgil’s birthday with a party for UV and Sixth Form Classicists. Not to be daunted by the current restrictions, there were two separate events to mark the birthday of one of the greatest Roman poets. Cake was eaten, Happy Birthday was said in Latin and a candle was snuffed out in his honour.

 In true Roman fashion, celebrations were rounded off with entertainment – a ‘How well do you know Virgil’ quiz put together by Mrs Sutcliffe. Congratulations to Lila in Sixth Form and Raina in UV for knowing the most about Virgil, he would be very impressed! Mrs Sutcliffe’s UV class have commented on what they like the most about Virgil:

 ‘I like reading all of the gruesome stories’- Kate 

‘I love Virgil’s style of writing.’- Beth 

‘I really enjoy working out the puzzle of the language’- Molly ‘It’s really interesting to be able to learn about the legends and the stories’.- Helena