Upper I’s Roman Day

Upper I students have been inquiring into The Life of Romans and how invasions have changed Britain. Many dressed up for a fun Roman Day on Wednesday where they immersed themselves in the life of a Roman or Celt. 

The day involved a virtual workshop with Boudicca herself, javelin throwing, creating mosaics and tasting different types of Roman food. 

– My favourite part was food tasting because we got to go back in time to 60AD and try foods the Romans would have eaten. The best food was hummus because it was so tasty. Sukh 

 I really enjoyed trying new foods which I hadn’t had the chance to try before. Jola

 I liked making mini mosaics. It was hard but also really fun. My design was a flower. – Jinxin

‘Calling Boudicca’ was the best part of the day because we got to try marching and learnt some Latin words like Scutum (shield) and gladius (sword). – Peipei