Upper II pupils reflect on their trip to Heatree

21 October 2019

A week in Dartmoor at the Heatree Activity Centre was a fantastic experience for our Upper II pupils, who enjoyed a fun-filled programme of challenge and adventure.

Some of the girls have reflected on their experience:

“Heatree is a place where you can learn to take risks and to have fun.” Csilla, UIIM

“Going to Heatree made me braver and helped me make friends.” Hasini, UIIM

“My favourite part of Heatree was skipping across Dartmoor as it reminded me of India and the wind was so smooth but strong and it made my hair fly.” Diya, UIIC

“Heatree let me step out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to be brave and to persevere.” Ishana,UIIP

“Heatree taught me that mud isn’t always bad… You can use it for fun!” Bella, UIIP