Upper II Eco Warrior

Ishita in Upper II used time during lockdown to educate others on doing their bit to save the planet. She wrote a declaration for her family asking them to make changes to their lifestyle, as well as composing a beautiful poem, ‘Vision’, reminding us of the importance of healthy eating. 

To finish off her activism, Ishita wrote this article for a local community magazine: 

Spreading the Word Where does it start? Where does it end? Maybe with you? Maybe with me? I don’t know. 

The Earth is at a great risk of becoming a deserted planet like Mars or Venus. We are chopping down trees, adding to pollution, burning fossil fuels and generally not being eco- friendly. Here is a list of all the threats the Earth is facing: 

  • Bycatch – Bycatch is the unintentional capture of non-targeted species in fishing, such as dolphins and marine turtles. 
  • Deforestation – Deforestation is the act of cutting down trees in large numbers to make clearings. 
  • Climate Change – Climate change is the scientific term used to describe the greenhouse gases gathering in our atmosphere.
  • Illegal Wildlife Trade – Illegal wildlife trade is when people poach animals which are a protected species and sell their skin, tusks, etc. 
  • Oil & Gas Development – Oil is collected from the sea by oil rigs and when the oil rigs topple over, it pollutes the environment. 
  • Overfishing – Overfishing can cause some species of fish to die out because they have all been caught in fishing nets as a result of overfishing. 

To curb this, we need to make little changes in our everyday choices because a small change means a big difference. Small decisions, like whether to throw something in the bin or recycle it, can make a big difference to the lives of animals and reducing global warming. …AND MOST IMPORTANTLY… TALK ABOUT IT! 

All these things do not cost any money and are easy to do. In fact, they will save you money. Where does it start? Where does it end? Maybe with you? Maybe with me? Now I know. With all of us. 

Ishita, UII (Year 5)